Wailea Real Estate

Wailea Real Estate

If you consider luxury and privacy to be residential must-haves, then you would appreciate the spectacular and secluded beauty of Wailea. Comprised of gated comunities, most Wailea real estate is beachfront or within walking distance of the ocean.

Located due south of Kihei, Wailea is a locale of unparalleled magnificence: exclusive residential communities lie scattered about the mile and a half of shoreline, the first-class golf courses, tennis club and luxury shopping center. With those kinds of surroundings, it's no wonder that visitors never want to leave.

Wailea Real Estate is Well Worth a Hefty Investment

With so much to offer, it's little wonder that the majority of Wailea homes for sale come with a fairly high price tag. For instance, the average price of a single-family residence is a little over two and half million dollars. This is clearly an area that caters to individuals with high incomes.

While Wailea real estate is more expensive than neighboring areas, not everyone living in Wailea is a millionaire. In addition to houses, there are several luxury and high-end condos available for sale. But no matter what type of residence you're looking for, be aware that Wailea homes are well worth the money: the physical beauty and exclusive community make it a locale without compare.

If you decide to pursue your interest in Wailea real estate, contacting the Smith Team should be your first step. We've conducted all kinds of real estate transactions in the Wailea area, so you can rest assured that when you trust Ken Smith with your business, you won't be disappointed. Customer service is our number-one priority, we guarantee that your Wailea house hunting will be a thoroughly rewarding experience.

Maui in general is known to be one of the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands, but no community better captures the notion of a tropical paradise than Wailea. The carefully designed resort was built in the early 1970s, but even today, it remains one of the most lavishly scenic areas on the island. First-class golf courses, pristine beaches and gated communities make Wailea a haven for those who crave comfort and luxury.

Wailea Condos Are the Best that Money Can Buy

The homes in Wailea average well over two million dollars, but condos are also popular in the area. Several luxury, high-end, and mid-level condos populate the landscape, so for those who are interested in Wailea condos, there are options. In general, however, the average price of a Wailea condo is a little over one million dollars.

Widely considered a vacationer's dream, investing in a Wailea condo is an excellent decision. Whether you plan to reside there full-time or simply use the condo for vacationing purposes, the property value of your investment will most likely produce nothing but returns. And who could resist the idea of living or vacationing in such a beautiful place?

If you are interested in Wailea condos or Wailea homes for sale, the Smith Team can help. We've conducted several condominium sales in the Wailea area, and we have a number of active Wailea real estate listings right now. Please contact us and look through our website for more information.

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