Makena Real Estate

Makena Real Estate

Like many other places on Maui, Makena has a rich and interesting history. For instance, it was one of the most frequented ports in Maui: during the San Francisco Gold Rush, many ships on their way to California would stop in Makena to restock their supplies, and for years afterwards, ranchers in Maui would send their cattle to the Honolulu markets via the Old Makena landing. Then much later, in the 1960s, one of Makena's most popular beaches became a haven for hippies who took advantage of its many free campsites.

It wasn't until the 1980s that Makena started to become the place we're familiar with today. Almost two thousand acres were purchased by the Seibu corporation, and development of a huge resort began. Like Wailea, today Makena holds its own as one of the most popular and beautiful resorts on the island.

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