Kihei Real Estate

Kihei Real Estate

Located on the southwestern side of Maui, Kihei sports a good six mile stretch of shoreline, most of which features breathtaking views of Lanai and Kahoolawe. Kihei is a lovely area of Maui, especially for anyone who's looking to buy or sell at a price that's reasonably affordable. So if you're hoping to find your own little piece of Maui real estate without spending a fortune, Kihei may be the place for you.

The Kihei area is named for the original Hawaiian village of Kihei, a small village that was located near the Kihei wharf. Now, however, Kihei refers to the area between Maalaea Bay to the north and the Wailea resort to the south. The terrain is beautiful, with its many miles of perfect beaches, but it is also rough where it remains undeveloped; for many years, the area was dotted by nothing but mesquite trees and panini cacti.

Kihei real estate is far more affordable than the its neighbor Wailea to the south is due to its unusual sense of urban planning. Unlike the Wailea community where everything was meticulously designed and built by one developer's firm, Kihei real estate is much more eclectic. Million dollar homes, high-rise condos, strip malls and suburban tract housing are scattered randomly about the Kihei area.

This hodge-podge of properties might turn some people off, but others find it charming--it certainly gives the area a unique feel. If you have an interest in Kihei real estate, contact the Smith Team. We know the Kihei area inside and out, so if you're ready to buy or sell a property in this neighborhood, we're sure to be of help.

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