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West Maui Shoreline Erosion

Seawalls once protected the shoreline but now may be damaged beyond repair.

Seawalls are used to save roads, homes, condos and other infrastructure from chronic coastal erosion. Without the protection of seawalls these structures could eventually fall into the ocean. A seawall is the most common solution to erosion where a large structure is built as a barrier between the ocean and coastal property.

In West Maui the condo complexes most affected by rising waters and shoreline erosion are on Kahana Beach. Starting on the Southern end, Sands of Kahana, Valley Isle Resort, Royal Kahana and Hololani are fighting the ocean with sandbags.

Hololani has received a permit for a temporary seawall.

The Kahana Reef has either raised their AOAO fees or levied a monthly assessment of $600 or more to raise money to address the issue by obtaining permits to rebuild their seawall.

Papakea Resort has done work on their seawll and it seems to be under control.

Kaanapali Shores has a different type of seawall and seems to be in good shape.

The Kahana Bay Restoration Foundation Facebook Page is an excellent source for updated information on this important matter.


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