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Waiale Elua Closing Bonus

Waikapu is a beautiful and lush part of central Maui, with the most notable attraction being the Maui Tropical Plantation. Most of what you will currently find there now are residential properties and a handful of local businesses. The future is looking bright for Waikapu however, with the approval of the Waikapu Country Town Project. The project will transform the area from mostly unused agricultural land to a bustling community catered to local families. The construction will happen in to two phases, with each phase lasting 5 years. Some of the new buildings and attractions will include retail stores, restaurants, new schools and even a 6-mile-long bike trail.

Waiale Elua is an exciting and beautiful new development that is currently being built in Waikapu. It was designed with Maui’s working families in mind, and is near the schools, shopping, medical facilities and government offices throughout both Wailuku and Kahului. Originally, the properties being sold in Waiale Elua were meant to go exclusively to working families as part of Maui County’s workforce housing program, but after the initial lottery period ended the option to purchase one of these new homes was extended to all Maui residents.

In an effort to secure owners for the remaining homes in the development, West Maui Land is offering a $25,000 closing bonus on select properties. If you have been waiting for an opportunity to purchase a home in Waikapu, now is the time. Contact the Smith Team today for any questions you may have or to discuss the process of purchasing one of these amazing new homes.