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Travel to Juneau

After travelling 900 miles from Seattle, we arrived at Juneau, our first port of debarkation. We had planned to take a helicopter tour of 4 different glaciers; however the weather did not cooperate.

Instead, we took a bus tour to the Mendenhall Glacier which was truly impressive despite the somewhat socked in conditions. Our tour guide is a full blooded Klinkit native who gave us a great deal of background not only on present day Juneau but also of the history of the Klinkit tribe.

Last night was formal night, so we dressed up and had a spectacular dinner at Sabatini’s, one of the premium restaurants on board. What a meal!

It is really great to unwind and not have to think about work. Maybe we should go away more often because Greg and Jeremy have been slammed with offers and showings ever since I left. Certainly hope that this is not a fluke and that indeed the Maui real estate market has turned the corner. Considering how slow things were before I left, any upturn is greatly appreciated.


Ken and Monique

Monique with Seattle Skyline in Background