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Title Insurance

Options For Owners

Standard Owners Policy VS. Premier Residential Owners Policy (Eagle Policy)

Is it worth it to pay a premium for additional title Insurance?

A premier title insurance policy costs an additional 10% premium to the scheduled rate but with it you get the standard owners policy plus many other benefits. Additionally you will have coverage against encroachments into the subject property, protection against post-policy forgery, coverage for certain building permit and zoning violations subject to a deductible dollar amount and coverage for certain CC&R violations. This policy limit increases 10% per year up to 150% of the original policy limit. You are also insured actual vehicular and pedestrian access to a public road.

If you suspect the property you are purchasing may have any of the title issues in the past or future it is a absolutely a good idea to opt for a Premier title insurance policy. Below is the benefits that are included in a standard owners policy.

A standard owners policy protects against pre-policy forgery, fraud, duress and defective recordings in the chain of title. You are protected if title is not shown in Schedule A and have coverage against recorded liens and encumbrances not shown as exceptions. This policy insures that the property has legal access to a public road and covers against unmarketability of title due to title defects.

For additional title insurance information ask a Title and Escrow Company!


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