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The Whales are Here!

Lots of Whale Sightings Last Week

The Humpback whales are here and they are showing off! Though the first whale sighting of the season was back in October we haven't seen much action since then. Last week though they were lots of sightings of whales breaching, and just having fun in the water.

Every year an estimated 12,000 humpback whales migrate to Hawaii from Alaska to breed and nurse their young in our warm waters. It is always so exciting and fun to see them especially when they are breaching and enjoying the warm waters.

Just last week I saw several whale spouts while holding an open house at our listing at Ke Alii Ocean Villas #J-203. On Saturday while enjoying the sun in Makena I saw more than 5 whale breaches. This time of year if you just pause and gaze at the ocean for a little while you are almost guaranteed to see a whale!


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