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The Wailea Blue Golf Course Closes Indefinitely

Golf is a mainstay in Hawaii, and thousands of people travel to the islands with their clubs every year to enjoy the pristine courses in a tropical setting. Among Maui’s most popular courses, is the Wailea Blue located in Wailea. We were very disappointed to hear that as a result of the devastating economic conditions caused by both the COVID-19 Pandemic and the extended shutdown the Wailea Blue course will be closing indefinitely.

Anne Takabuki, president of Wailea Golf, said in a press release that it was a painful decision and they had exhausted other options. Wailea Golf Club, which is the parent company that owns the Blue Course, Gold Course, and Emerald course say they will maintain ownership of the Blue Course and hope to reopen when conditions improve. So far, the Gold Course and the Emerald Course are still open, and Maui residents can play a round at Kamaaina rates.

The statewide shutdown which started in March did not allow golf courses to reopen until May 1st. While many Maui residents play golf on a regular basis, and eagerly returned to the island’s courses once the shutdown was eased, they still don’t provide the type of revenue that can keep a large course afloat. This is especially true in an area like Wailea, which sees thousands of tourists every year.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Hawaii’s response to it has certainly been unprecedented, but we remain optimistic that Maui’s economy will bounce back in the fall if not sooner.