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Short Term Accommodations for Front Line Workers

Healthcare workers and all those on the front lines of the battle with COVID-19 are being spread thin as cases continue to surface. Even so, it’s amazing to see how our community on Maui and throughout the Hawaiian islands is coming together to provide food, supplies, emotional support, and accommodations for those in need. One of the companies we would like to highlight today is the team at Vacation-Maui.

Virtually every industry on the island was touched negatively in some way by not only the Coronavirus outbreak but by the stay-at-home orders that came into effect days later. Condos and vacation rentals that would normally have been booked solid are now sitting vacant. To take advantage of these vacant units, the team at Vacation-Maui has pledged $100,000 to a plan called Operation Maui Safe Haven.

Operation Maui Safe Haven aims to provide the workers who are interacting directly with people that may be infected with COVID-19 accommodations so they can distance themselves from others. This includes healthcare workers, police officers, EMTs, and firefighters who don’t want to risk exposing their families to the virus by returning home. Because there is a widespread shortage of protective equipment right now front-line workers are not as well defended from the virus as they otherwise would be. For this reason, many owners of condos and vacation rentals have offered for those workers to stay in their units as a way to self-quarantine between shifts.

The application process is quick, and units can be reserved for 14 days or longer depending on the situation. If you or a loved one is a front-line worker during this pandemic they should definitely apply. For anyone interested in applying for accommodations or to offer their unit to front-line workers they can contact Sherry Spaise at (808) 344-0768.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash