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Safe Travels Hawaii Quick Facts

Trans-pacifc and inter-island travel is in full swing now that Hawaii’s Pre-travel Testing Program is operational. On the day of launch, October 15th nearly 3,000 people were screened on Maui alone. This influx of travelers presented a number of challenges for the personnel operating the screening stations at the Kahului Airport. Two major issues that arose were long lines to get through screening stations as well as travelers providing test results from non-trusted testing partners.

Please use the infographic below provided by Safe Travels Hawaii as a reference to streamline your trip and reduce delays as much as possible.

If you are traveling from the mainland to Hawaii, the list below contains all of the vendors who are trusted testing partners for the Hawaii Pre-travel Testing Program.

If you are traveling inter-island, the list below contains trusted testing partners specific to Hawaii.

Compliance with testing procedures, as well as understanding the process for traveling during the current pandemic will insure your trip is as smooth as possible. Maui County officials as well as airport staff are working very hard to ensure travelers are able to leave the airport and continue on with their vacation in a timely manner.