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Only in Hawaii

10 Things People Who Live in Hawaii Have Done at Least Once

Hawaii has a population of approximatley 1.4 million residents.

1. Left the house without shoes – or slippers on without realizing it and been left to wander the stores and beaches barefoot.

2. Eaten Shave Ice- with all the extras, ice cream, snow cap (sweetened condensed milk) and azuki beans.

3. Complained about the cold – When ist’s 72 degrees out and everyone else is saying how warms it is.

4. Given away fruits and veggies from your yard – and accepted them from your neighbors friends and family.  Fruits and veggies often including mangos, avocados, lychees and other tropical fruits.

5. Wear a flower in your ear. – The left ear means your heart is taken and the right ear means you may be available. Wink wink.

6. Eaten spam musubi – from 7-11.

7. Call anyone older than you Aunty or Uncle.

8. Throw a shaka- for any reason.

9. Can play at least one song on the Ukulele -and have a jam session.

10. Say “Aloha” – When greeting anyone, friends, family and strangers.