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New Airport Road

The New Kahului Airport Road is Open

The new Kahului airport access road is finally open.  The project has been underway since October 2015 and a small ceremony this past Saturday celebrated it’s completion and the road is now open to motorists.  The new road will provide easier access to the airport and releive traffice on dairy road.

The new road begins with a beautiful ro rock wall sign complete with a waterfall which welcomes vistors to our island and leaves them with a lasting impression.

This 56 million dollar project was funded entirely by tourists by way of the rental car facility charges which is $4.50 per car.  Kahului airport rents the most cars out of all 17 airports in the state.  They rent on average 2200 cars a day.

The water feature is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional as it is is used to irrigate the surrounding landscape.