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More Maui Businesses Set To Reopen

This coming Tuesday, October 6th another round of Maui Businesses is set to reopen under new guidelines released by Governor David Ige. Among the businesses reopening are movie theaters, bowling alleys and commercial event venues. While these businesses, which have been closed for months will be allowed to resume operations, they will have to do so with some restrictions.

Movies theaters, which Maui residents have been sorely missing, will need to obtain written authorization from the Office of the Mayor. Once reopened the number of people allowed into the theater will be limited, and those people will be required to socially distance themselves from others.

For commercial event venues such as wedding and luau venues the rules will look a little different. To keep gatherings from getting too large, there will be a limit of 100 people per event including staff. Those people attending the event will still need to abide by the mask wearing rules and social distancing rules that have already been established.

Ocean sports competitions will be allowed to resume, but competition organizers will need to comply with all required permits and COVID-19 response plans. Swimming competitions taking place in an enclosed pool will still have to remain on hold for the time being.

Outdoor fields and courts will reopen as well. County courts such as tennis and basketball courts, will be open until 8:00 p.m. County parks and beach parks will remain open from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. Once again, all of the mask wearing and social distancing rules already established will need to be adhered to.

Even though there are still limits on gathering and other restrictions, we seem to be making more progress every month towards returning to normalcy. Add to that tourists returning to the islands and extremely low numbers of new cases of COVID-19 and we are on track to end this year on a much more positive note than it began with.

Photo by A.R.T.Paola on Unsplash