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Maui Hurricane Preparedness

While hurricanes are infrequent in this part of the Pacific, there has been a major uptick in storm activity over the last few years. With hurricane Douglas headed for the islands, it seems like a great time to mention some helpful items that will assist you as you prepare for the incoming storm. The most important thing you can keep an eye on in the days leading up to the storm is your local weather conditions as well as the hurricane tracker found on NOAA’s website here.

  • Have a plan

Find out what your neighborhood’s nearest shelter is and determine the best way to get there if you should need to seek shelter. It’s best to head to the shelter early before you are in a situation where you are trapped. Go over the plan with family members and be sure to turn off the power before you leave your home.

  • Check the exterior of your home

Random object, toys, or even trash cans can quickly become dangerous in hurricane-level winds. In the days leading up to the storm, be sure to trim back hedges and trees and clean up any loose debris around the house.

  • Store fuel and electricity

Be sure to top off your car’s gas tank and fill any gas containers before the storm hits. If you need to power a generator or get to another part of the island quickly, you will be grateful for the extra fuel. Store up electricity with power banks or other rechargeable devices. If the power should fail, you can still charge your cell phone and emergency equipment.

  • Store valuable documents

The worst thing that could possibly happen in the event of a flood would be the loss of important documents like your passport, marriage license, or birth certificate. Secure all valuables in a waterproof container, safe, or in the worst-case scenario a heavy-duty Ziploc bag.

  • Identify a safe space at home

If you decide to ride the storm out at home, or for some reason are unable to leave because of dangerous conditions, identify one room or safe area in your home where the entire family can hunker down and wait for the hurricane to pass.

We hope that you find the tips mentioned above helpful, and please stay safe this weekend during Hurricane Douglas.

Photo by Shashank Sahay on Unsplash