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Maui From Above

Hang-Gliding, Helicopters and More 

Maui’s beauty is often enjoyed from the ground or the ocean but there is much to be seen from the sky.  Looking down at the drastic coastlines and towering mountains is a great way to soak in the island’s beauty.  Here are some thrill-seeking ways to enjoy Maui from above.


There are several different helicopter companies on the Island and tours ranging from 1 hour to 3 or 4 hours.  The best part about a helicopter tour is you get the opportunity to overlook part of Maui that would otherwise be inaccessible.  You can find hidden waterfalls, see the inside of Haleakala crater and who knows what else is out there. You can even opt for a windows off ride!  A helicopter tour is the most time efficient way to quickly go fly over and view the outer island of Molokai.


If you don’t know how to hang-glide you can take a tandem motorized hang glide ride with the professionals at Hang Gliding Maui.  The motorized hang glider is less susceptible to the constantly changing Hawaii weather conditions, that can often cancel a non-powered hang gliding flight.  With Hang Gliding Maui it’s basically like riding a motorcycle in the sky, while learning the basics of flight, aerodynamics and aviation.


Always a fun one, without getting so high in the sky.  Maui has several zipline adventures to choose from.  You can zip through the forest, near the ocean or up on the mountain.  Piiholo Ranch Zipline offers a waterfall zipline adventure.


You can learn from the best at Proflyght Paragliding on the slopes of Haleakala.  You begin with tandem lessons and then if you get the “hang” of it you can be solo flying, gliding in no time. There are beautiful views to enjoy from Polipoli park whether you decide to stay on the ground or run down the hill and glide away.