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Maui's Top 5 Secluded Spots

Every year, over 2 million people visit the island of Maui to enjoy the sun, sand, and endless adventure. But if you are coming to Maui to rejuvenate yourself and get away from the crowds then you may be interested in some of the island's more secluded spots. A few of the places on this list may be harder to get to, but they are well worth the effort.

1. Haleakala Crater

This magnificent mountain isn’t exactly a secret; in fact it is actually one of Maui’s most popular attractions. While planning your trip you may have noticed that all the guidebooks, videos, and blogs written about Maui suggest getting up early at 3 or 4am and driving up to the crater to observe the incredible sunrise. While the sunrise is beautiful, consider driving up later in the day for a sunset picnic instead. The crowds are much smaller and the views from the top of the crater during sunset are still breathtaking.

2. Kula Botanical Garden

These gardens feature 8 acres of meticulously maintained landscaping, with secluded pockets of space all over the property that allow you to relax and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of Upcountry, Maui. Besides the wide array of local plants, there are also koi ponds, waterfalls, and guided tours.

3. Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley is sacred to Native Hawaiians because it is believed to be the battleground in which King Kamehameha defeated the warriors of Maui and united the Hawaiian Islands. There are a multitude of trails and walkways that allow you to explore the valley and its lush foliage. Keep in mind this part of the island is extremely wet, so don’t forget to pack a rain jacket!

4. Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

This picturesque Lavender farm in Kula is one of the most secluded places on the island. If you go earlier in the day you can enjoy a leisurely walk through the fragrant fields while the sun is still shining. Later in the day the clouds begin to roll in, draping the landscape in a chilly mist. In addition to Lavender there is also an assortment of beautiful flowers and local plant life to observe. A little insider tip would be to bring your own mug for discounted cup of Lavender tea from the gift shop.

5. Oneloa Beach

The first place that most visitors go when they land on Maui is the beach. The more well-known beaches can be crowded, hot and uncomfortable. That is why we suggest going off the beaten path and driving to the remote Oneloa Beach in Kapalua. This beach features soft sand, calm waves beautiful views. Its also steps away from the Kapalua Coastal Trail which allows you to explore the rougher terrain along the coast.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 secluded spots on Maui. This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are still dozens of places that you can explore that are seldom visited by tourists. Our advice is to ask a local where to go and explore this beautiful island for yourself. If you are thinking of buying a home and would like to view some of the amazing properties, we have available, contact the Smith Team today!