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Kihei Real Estate

Although historically known for its dry, hot days, Kihei is a Maui community located southwest of Haleakala on the coast. The traditional Hawaiian name for the region highlights its more barren aspects but despite dusty days and less than 13 inches of annual rainfall, Kihei has much more to offer than one might expect. In the early 20th century, a small settlement of around 350 came to Kihei in order to establish a sugar plantation, an effort met with little success. No paved roads and little economic potential meant that Kihei remained relatively uninhabited until the 1960s when plumbing finally reached the community. Before then there were a few beach plots but generally speaking Kihei property was cheap and few ventured to the area. With water came developers and the chance to attract the tourist dollar. During the 1970s the development plan in Kihei was muddled at best and condominium units sprang up along with shopping centers and strip malls.

Despite the lack of planning, these shopping locations were the first draw to modern tourists. The opportunity to purchase inexpensive goods and find cheap accommodation brought the first flood of tourism to the community. At the moment, Kihei maintains its 70s appeal and with a collection of condos, rentals, timeshares, and small hotels, the community has become a thriving beach town. Still, aside from tourism, the region represents a great place to live. Because of the tourism draw, Kihei has developed an infrastructure that supports a diverse community. In addition, as the town is surrounded by beaches it is the ideal location for individuals looking for vacation or retirement homes. Shops, restaurants, schools, and other facilities make this a small but flourishing ocean-side community.

Indeed, the beaches are the central draw for tourists and residents alike. Several beaches stretch out from either side of the town and because of the quaintness of Kihei you’ll find that the beaches are much more sparsely populated than other Maui beaches. Take the Kalama Beach Park as an example of the natural beauty of Kihei. Well-maintained lawns shaded by palm trees and 36 acres of oceanfront land make Kalama Beach Park the community’s focal point. Musical festivals, craft fairs, and family events are regularly held in the park. As you can see, Kihei is a tight-knit community that is ideal for anybody who loves the ocean.

Real estate development in the region is also starting to boom. As a community with a bit to offer any appetite it’s no wonder home buyers and real estate investors alike are turning their attention to Kihei. Nature lovers are drawn to the beautiful parks, beaches, wildlife conservations, and premium diving opportunities. Shoppers will love the strip malls and shopping centers. Boating aficionados will enjoy fishing expeditions, snorkelling trips, and whale watching excursions. Indeed, anybody who loves sport and the outdoors will be happy to learn that Kihei offers world class golf, surf, fishing, and wildlife sightings. All together the activities, sunshine, and amenities in Kihei make it a great place to call home. Plus, as Kihei is still a relatively isolated community, home buyers will find some of the best deals in Maui.