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Hyatt Takes Over Operations of a Resort in Hana

Resorts and luxury destinations like Maui go hand in hand. On the island, it’s easy to spot huge resorts in areas like Kannapali on the west side and Wailea on Maui’s south shore. What you may not know is that there is a Hyatt resort tucked away on the far east side in the town of Hana. If you want to stay in the midst of the jungle, be isolated, and have an experience that can’t be replicated in the more populous resorts then the Hana-Maui Resort just might be the place for you.

Formerly Travassa, the Hana-Maui resort was sold in 2019 to an investment group based on the mainland. From there, a deal was inked with Hyatt to run the resort under the umbrella of their Destination Hotels brand. You can view Hyatt’s full press release concerning the deal here. The original plan was for the Hana-Maui resort to reopen on October 1st, provided that the 14-day mandatory quarantine is lifted and more normal travel to the islands is allowed to resume. Key leadership from Hyatt has said that until mandatory restrictions are lifted on travel they will remain closed.

The Hana-Maui resort is actually fairly small when compared with the behemoth resorts found in other parts of the island. The resort consists of 75 rooms, two restaurants, a wellness center and spa, two pools, a yoga area, and well-maintained grounds that will allow you and your family to explore the resort’s natural beauty at your leisure. Hyatt is planning to do a full renovation of the property over two years but will continue to operate the resort as normal during that period.

The resort has had a long history of changing hands between investment groups since it’s construction in 1946. Hopefully, with a large company like Hyatt at the helm, they will be able to maintain a strong reputation and provide a unique experience for tourists that doesn’t infringe on the local culture of the surrounding area.