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Create The Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

During the current pandemic, you have likely been spending much more time at home. And during the hot summer and fall months in Hawaii, there is no better place to spend time than in the backyard or out on the lanai. Whether you are an avid griller who cooks out several times a week, or you are just looking to have a simple kitchen set up for parties, we hope the tips below will help you create something that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Upgrade your grill

The focal point of any outdoor kitchen is the grill, so when you are looking to upgrade your outdoor kitchen the grill is where you will want to spend the most time. Luckily on Maui there are multiple stores where you can find both propane and charcoal grills from Costco to Wal-Mart. A more affordable standard grill is anywhere from $100 - $300 while a top of the line grill can cost $1,500 or more. Your budget as well as how often you will be using the grill are going to be the biggest deciding factors.

Consider accessories

Nothing is worse than thinking you have everything you need to create a gourmet meal, only to realize you need to keep running back and forth between your indoor kitchen and the grill for different items. This is where accessories come in. In this case we are talking about things like a mobile kitchen island, an ice machine, an outdoor fridge or even a smoker. Basically anything that will allow your outdoor kitchen to stand on its own, without the need to run inside several times while you are grilling. Again, budget is going to be the biggest deciding factor, so be sure to consider what items are highest on your wishlist and what will make your outdoor kitchen a comfortable place to create meals for friends and family.

Built-in or Mobile?

If you own the property, then investing in a built-in outdoor kitchen with everything from gas line hookups to granite countertops and a pizza oven may be the perfect fit. For a rental on the other hand, you will want to make sure everything is mobile and can be easily packed should you ever move, such as a rolling kitchen island or small stainless steel prep sink.

Invest in seating

Seating ties in to both your outdoor relaxation space and your outdoor kitchen, since most kitchens will be constructed on or near your lanai. If you are planning to cook only for yourself and a loved one then a small coffee table in front of your outdoor couch should be perfect. If you are more inclined to entertain and invite large groups over, then investing in a proper outdoor dining table with seating for six or more would be the logical next step.

When you are daydreaming of your perfect outdoor kitchen, consider what items are essential for comfortable outdoor cooking and what items would be considered extra or extravagant and then work backwards based on your budget for the project. We hope you find the tips above helpful, and if you are looking to purchase or sell a home or condo on Maui contact the Smith Team today!

Photo by Jo Jo on Unsplash