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Almost 30 Maui Hotels Have Reopened

According to Hawaii state rules surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic, hotels, motels, some condo complexes, and timeshares are allowed to operate and accommodate out of state travelers. Anyone arriving from out of state is still subject to the 14-day quarantine which will remain in effect now until September 1st.

To help provide clarity to those traveling to our island, the Maui Planning Department has provided a list of establishments that are allowed to accommodate out of state travelers. They will continue to update the list as more hotels and motels either elect to reopen their doors or stay closed until September. You can look at the most recently updated version of the list here.

Many Maui resorts, hotels, and motels had planned to fully reopen on August 1st once the 14-day quarantine was lifted. Sadly, now that the quarantine has been extended until September 1st, and maybe extended further, hotel owners have some difficult decisions to make. If you are curious as to whether a hotel is open, either reference the County’s list (Linked above) or go to their website directly.

Transient vacation rentals are allowed to operate for the time being, but they can’t house anyone who is subject to the 14-day quarantine. TVR owners can only rent their units to local residents, inter-island travelers, or people who have already completed their 14-day quarantine elsewhere.

County officials continue to urge Maui residents to support local businesses and keep them going as we wait for regular transpacific travel to resume. They have even created a website to showcase a number of different deals and discounts on activities, services, and products available for purchase. You can check out the website here and make some weekend plans.

Photo by Lo Sarno on Unsplash