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15 Things NOT to do on Maui

15 Things NOT to do on Maui

These tips will help you get the most out of your Maui vacation.

Here is a list of things NOT to do while on your Maui vacation so that you can get the most out of your stay here.  Doing any of the 15 things listed below can be dangerous, rude or you’ll simply be missing out on something great.

1. Don’t rent a stand up paddle board and head out to the open ocean. – Danger, you could be swept away never to be heard of again or snacked on by a shark.

2.  Don’t leave open food containers out.  Mosquitos and other insects will come to dine on your leftover and then you’re next.

3.  Don’t hang out under coconut trees.  One of those tasty treats could come crashing down on your head, ouch.

4. Don’t call local residents “Hawaiians.” That term is reserved for persons of Hawaiian descent.  Also avoid the word “natives.”

5.  Don’t honk.  It’s rude, no one does that here unless absolutely necessary like if another car is about to back up in to you.

6.  Don’t going hiking when a storm is predicted.  Flash floods are very real.

7. Don’t turn your back on the ocean while swimming.  A 20 foot wave could come crashing down on you out of nowhere.

8. Don’t swim in murky waters.  That is when the sharks like to swim near to shore after a heavy rain or near a river mouth.  Don’t let yourself get mistaken for a turtle or fish.

9. Don’t leave your windows open while away.  The weather can change on a whim and the interior of your car could get soaked.

10. Don’t be afraid to try “local food.” Loco mocos are delicious, why wouldn’t you want your hamburger patty on top of rice topped with an egg and smothered in gravy.

11. Don’t scuba dive in the morning and then head of to the crater in the afternoon.  The elevation change is too drastic in such a short period of time, you could get “the bend.”

12. Don’t forget sunscreen.  The sun is strong and its burn is painful so lather up.

13.  Don’t touch Hawaiian monk seals resting on the beach.  They are an endangered species and protected by state law.

14.  Don’t refer to the continental U.S. as “the states.”  Hawaii is also a state.

15.  Don’t pay full rate for accommodations or activities without checking online for for deals.  Maui business often post last minute deals or discounts on their websites so a little online research can go a long way.