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The Kapalua Resort has had the same logo since its inception: a butterfly with its wings spread wide. On closer inspection, the butterfly’s body depicts a pineapple and taken together, the logo speaks to the history the resort. It grew out of the pineapple fields of the Honolua Plantation about 40 years ago. The resort was centered on breathtaking Kapalua Bay – white sand beach, lava cliffs, and crystal clear water. The total 5.8 square miles that make up Kapalua marches up from the coast towards the verdant West Maui Mountains and winds around wild tropical gorges. World renowned PGA golf courses wander through, creating images of Hawaiian beauty that are known to golfers everywhere. If golf has a Shangri-La, that would be Kapalua.

Because Kapalua grew out of a large-scale farm, the opportunities its offers for home development is different than the other resorts. The lots are often much larger – think in terms of acres instead of square feet. But because Kapalua rests on a slope, most building sites capture the types of views that Kapalua is famous for. And while Kapalua has a rural, almost country-style ambience, it does so with a panache that says you are someplace special.

If you are contemplating spending a million dollars or more for a home site in Kapalua, then you would be wise to obtain the guidance and knowledge of professionals who know Maui Real Estate inside and out. You would be wise to contact the Smith Team for your Maui Real Estate needs.

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