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The idea of a North Shore is relatively new to Maui, borrowed perhaps from Oahu’s North Shore. On Oahu, the North Shore is the kingdom of the big wave surfers and some of the world’s best surf sites. What Oahu has in surf, Maui has in wind, especially in the zone between Kanaha Beach and Hookipa Beach. Before the advent of windsurfing, this part of Maui was laid back, characterized by quiet country living. After windsurfing’s arrival, Maui’s North Shore became a mecca for windsurfers from around the world. As improbable as it seemed then, sleepy Paia woke up to find itself elected the capital of windsurfing worldwide and the land and homes from Kahului Airport east shot up in value. Two-acre agricultural subdivisions in Haiku became international enclaves with millionaire windsurfing owners and very well appointed estates.

What comprises the North Shore is open to debate. The west border of the region is marked by Kahului Airport. Kanaha Beach Park and the nearby by kite-surfing beach front the airport. Also included are Spreckelsville, Paia, Kuau, Hookipa, the Haiku and Huelo. Beyond that is East Maui.

The homes found in this region are a very mixed plate, starting right away with the contrast between Spreckelsville and Paia. During Maui’s plantation era, Spreckelsville was home to Maui’s elite business and professional families and the village’s many well appointed homes on ocean front lots speak to those times. Paia is the opposite – a small seaside town that once served the needs of the thousands of sugar workers who lived in the vicinity. Think small rustic homes on small lots. Haiku and Huelo have more of a rural, agricultural flavor. Haiku definitely became included in the North Shore when big wave surfers started surfing the massive wave that forms on its Hamakualoa Coast, at a place called Jaws. Huelo offers a different way of life. While you can generally count on a paved road and municipal water service in Haiku, in Huelo you can count on not having paved roads, municipal water and needing to generate your own electric power on-site: frontier living in the Hawaiian Islands.

The neighborhoods that make up Maui’s North Shore each have their own interesting, in some cases century-long stories that flavor each property in the district. Unlike areas controlled by resort management, the North Shore is wide open, less subject to the usual standards. The Smith Team knows the North Shore and stands ready to help you find the home of your dreams. Contact the Smith Team when you are ready to start your search.

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