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written by Ken Smith
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When the winter chill settles into your bones and the frost needs to be scraped off your car’s windshield before you can drive to the store, remember you can ride your bike to the store in the middle of winter in a shirt and sandals if you happened to be one of the lucky residents of Maui.

There has never been a better time to buy a home in Maui. Leave the cold winters behind for good and enjoy beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets, with the days filled with luxury and comfort, and the nights filled with rest and relaxation. No more slipping on frozen sidewalks, no more shoveling snow day after day. With a home on Maui, the problems of a cold winter and the discomfort of a frozen landscape are gone forever. If dressing in multiple layers of clothes just to walk down the block to buy milk has worn thin with your patience, revitalize yourself with the good things in life, like warm weather and sandy beaches, friendly people and smiling faces.

While the rest of the nation is locked down in the deep freeze of an unforgiving winter, you can feel the weight of the anxiety and stress list off your shoulders when you enter your new Maui home for the first time. Buying a home in Maui will also bring the peace of not having to count down the days until you have to leave Maui and return to the same frozen place you sought to escape. Live in Maui all year round and enjoy Maui’s unique lifestyle. Go for a bike ride in December. Try some snorkeling for New Year’s. Read a book on the beach for Groundhog Day.

If living in the cold has worn thin on you and you seek a permanent escape where you can wake up feeling good about your surroundings everyday, then buying a home in Maui and escaping the cold to live in paradise may just be the winning ticket to the comfort you have always deserved.

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