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written by Ken Smith
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When deciding between a winter home in Maui or a winter home in Florida, there are a couple things to consider. When on Maui, you are on an island and to get to the mainland is a plane trip away. In Florida, you will be on the mainland but may find yourself dreaming that you’re on an island. Living in Maui for the winter is how to make that dream come true.

With beautiful weather all year long, Maui has something for everyone, from snow on the mountain peaks to warm water for swimming in the valley. There are plenty of activities for the winter homesteader on Maui, and everything you will need is either a short walk or bicycle ride away. The cost of driving around is a little more expensive on Maui than it would be in the mainland of Florida, but there really is little use for a car with the exception of sight seeing.

If you enjoy surfing, the winter is the best time of the year to catch the big waves off Maui. Huge swells are world renowned and people travel from all over the world for an opportunity to catch one of the big waves. If surfing is not your activity of choice, you may still enjoy watching those who do it, as their skills and feats are outstanding and sometimes as breathtaking as the crests they ride. If you do want to get in some water time, there are plenty of spots for wonderful activities like snorkeling or swimming.

Winter in Maui is also the best time for whale watching, as the ocean’s gentle giants find their way to the waters off Maui every winter as part of their annual migration route. All you need to do is pull up a chair on the beach and watch as the whales breach and frolic, a word that seems almost out of place when considering the size of these magnificent creatures.

Living on Maui for the winter months is a fantastic choice for the discerning person who wants the best life has to offer.

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